Birla Education Trust - About Us

Birla Education Trust, Pilani was registered in 1929 as a charitable trust in Calcutta by Shri G D Birla, the foundation thus being laid for the establishment and onward growth of educational institutes in Pilani. Mahatma Gandhi’s concept of trusteeship served as a philosophical foundation for Shri G D Birla to conceive and start this educational enterprise. The Institutions of the Trust are cosmopolitan in nature .It is not just a financial pivot but also offers educational directives and guidance to the schools under its banner. The Trust started over 400 village schools in and around Pilani and Jaipur and provided Free Compulsory Education Scheme for several elementary village schools in Pilani in the beginning of the 20th century. S K Saboo School, Goenka Vidyamandir, Mandelia Home Science College,Padia Vidyamandir, Bal Niketan,M R Moodra Shishu Niketan, H J Shishu Sadan, G D Birla Technical Training Institute and BITS, all have their roots in Birla Education Trust. These institutions have flourished over the years and are now functioning independently. As a pioneer in education Birla Education Trust has rendered invaluable service to the nation by building its youth. At present this grand tree has under its canopy three Residential English Medium Schools and a Day School in Pilani which draws students from all over the world. Birla International School, Kishangarh is a new shoot come up on progressive lines to meet international standards. These schools offer safe, joyful, caring and mentally stimulating conditions where the focus is on excellent balanced programme of learning which imparts sterling qualities in students. BET has earned a worldwide fame by metamorphosing the arid, dusty, remote town of Pilani into an educational township through its relentless endeavour. The Trust is a growing organization which is geared to scale and sustain the challenges of the present.

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